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The Gut-Brain Connection with

Laura is a holistic chef and nutritionist. In this workshop, she links the connection between gut health and mental health, showing you how some “brain foods” can help you achieve vibrant health. Learn the role nutrition plays in your mental state and what you can do with diet to improve your brain health.



Make Your Own Tealight Holder with Emerson Pringle Carpentry

Join local craftsmen Emerson Pringle in this woodworking workshop to make your own tea light candle holder. All tools and materials are provided.




Create a New Herbal Tea Flavour with Honey Pie Hives & Herbals

Have you ever wondered how herbal tea flavours get invented? Choose from a wide variety of dried herbs to find the combination that you love.




Wild Herbal Vinegars for Wellness with Hawthorn Herbals

Join PEC herbalist Tamara Segal and learn to preserve fresh wild and cultivated herbs in raw apple cider vinegar to enjoy their flavours and health benefits throughout the year. Take home your own herbal vinegar at the end of the workshop!



Make your Own Kimchi with Pyramid Ferments

Learn all about Kimchi: how to make it, why it’s good for you and how to eat it! Then, make your own kimchi to take home. 





Flower Crown Making with Coriander Girl

Meet Alison Westlake of Coriander Girl.  She’ll talk you through the steps to make a flower crown made with fresh flowers that you can and wear take home.





Heritage Baking with Jubilee Forest Farm

Gluten-intolerant? Try baking like our ancestors by soaking or sour leavening and you may find you aren’t gluten intolerant after all. We will demonstrate how to soak your gluten flour to make it more digestible and nourishing. We will demonstrate how to easily maintain and use a sourdough starter. Everyone will go home with a sourdough starter! Sample fresh-baked heritage red fife bread with us. We’ll give a slice out to everyone attending the workshop.